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The Revelation Entertainment Group is an international independent motion picture production company founded in Australia that has been assembled by creative & business entertainment industry professionals. Our mission is to produce content that will entertain, educate, surprise, and reinvigorate the spirit of true independent filmmaking through great storytelling.





Over the past several decades the independent film industry has reveled in major transformation, progress, and new found opportunity. Since the early 90s more than half of the Academy Awards presented in the Best Picture category have gone to independent films. 


As an independent filmmaker I am excited and inspired to continue the trend, to make good movies. I realize the only way to do that is to find and tell compelling stories filled with rich characters that live in exciting and realistic worlds. It is through great storytelling that characters will be able to connect with and impact an audience. As we all know, every great filmmaker needs the money to turn their vision into a reality. We at Revelation are very proud of our funding model and the years of combined experience of our finance partners.



Patrick Creamer

CEO & Founder, Revelation Group of Companies